Fraudulent trading as key problem for financial security : main subject for src11 conference in 2017

Online trading is really an art, but only few people are able to earn a lot, however there are completely inexperienced people who can achieve very high earnings just by trading.

That’s why we decided to illustrate the online trading security problem in our September 2017 session

If you do not earn with online trading you have probably chose the trading platform badly. If you work with a trading platform that is not licensed and regulated, you will probably be cheated. In fact, you were cheated at the very moment you made your first deposit Choosing platforms that do not have the permission CONSOB is a real financial suicide and is a typical practice of some online traders at the beginning if their careers.

How to chose the best platform for an individual : a hidden problem through “beautiful ads”

But it is not said that an authorized trading platform is always a good platform. We think, just to give an example, to all those platforms that apply commissions on the execution. It is a legal practice (in the sense that it apparently does not violate any norm, except that of common sense) but is considered fraudulent by most traders. In practice, the platforms that apply commissions on the execution constantly erode the deposited capital, greatly reducing trading gains when it is good and causing heavy losses in most cases. 

The perfect example is etoro with their anormal spreads :

Off course this platform is licensed and regular. But it’s a true poison for beginners.

This example makes us realize that we have to carefully analyze the platforms we choose to do online trading. The first verification is that on CONSOB/CySec/AMF authorization. Then we have to check that there are no commissions (especially commissions on the executed) and then we also need to understand if the trading interface is easy or not. While the presence or absence of a regulation or commissions on the implementation are objective parameters, the platform’s ease of use is not at all.

One of the simplest ways to make sure that a platform is usable is to try it, maybe through a demo so you do not have to risk your money.

Anyway, let’s end by saying that investing time to choose the platform is a winning choice. In most cases, the difference between a trader who is able to earn and one who fails is on the chosen platform.

Meeting with professionials is the best way to learn : src11 is the right place

One of the useful tips to give to those who encounter trading and not want to be cheated is to take advantage of conferences, seminars, and meetings cush as Financial Security Research Conference. You could meet many affiliates, owners of different forums (as Jack, owner of Forex Peace Army), trading communities or websites, to tell you “what’s wrong and what’s right” in the online trading universe. As clearly says our Partner Maxim, general director of main online trading magazine in Thailand, “if something seems too beautiful to be true, it is. Particularly in trading world”

It is the largest European meeting focused on security research. Since 2006 different European cities were the hosts of the conference, including Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Belgium.  Policy makers, researchers, industry representatives and end users  from all over Europe discussed current research capabilities as well as the legal, technological and organisational solutions for the upcoming security challenges. The conference was accompanied by a scientific-industrial exhibition, poster session, official buffet dinner and live demonstration.

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